Black Star Eclipsed

Black Star Eclipsed

Black Star Eclipsed
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Black Star Eclipsed, continues this epic drama. Mia has prided herself, on the one role in her life that has been constant: that of being a mother. Yet when Ashton no longer recognizes Mia as a mother, moving on with her life proves to be difficult. The past and her sanity continue to collide. As she races up against the clock, can she free her daughters mind from the puppet master, before it’s too late? Is there an evil strong enough, to break the bonds of love? Has the Black Star been eclipsed? Has her daughter now become the evil villain, of her own story? Follow Mia Black in this alternate reality, where things are not quite a mirror image, of our world. A Black Star is a supernova; an exploding star. Some people believe that when it dies, it disappears. Yet in reality it shines through the darkness…just like Mia Black.

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